Ladies Hairdressing Salon

Prague 4 Nusle, Svatoslavova 1

t. 774 56 12 87

About the hairdresser

Mala Phuong Hairdressing Salon performs routine and complex hairdressing treatments for women’s hair. The hairdressing salon is located in Prague 4 Nusle, Svatoslavova 1 street. It is 40 metres above the Nusel Town Hall in a quiet location next to the park.

Open on call weekdays and weekends. We can usually make it the day of the call or the day after. It is possible to enter with a pram. We have had only 1 chair for some time and we share the space with Almost always, however, the customer is alone with the hairdresser the whole time.

Who is cutting your hair

Kim Phuong Vo Thi, first name Phuong. I was born in Vietnam in 1987 and there I also trained as a hairdresser at the Ngu A Chau School in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The lessons included East Asian and Western cuts. The school also has Japanese teachers. The class focused on women’s hair care. I have lived in the Czech Republic since 2007.

What to expect from our Vietnamese hairdresser

Care and time For colouring and straightening, it is advisable to have a hairdresser who is not in a hurry. This also applies to the demanding task of cutting long hair to a point. Excessive shortening has been experienced by many female friends. Not many hairdressers can pull it off in one go. It’s better to take it one step at a time. Hair that is already damaged requires special care, even when cut, and can be subjected to stresses that healthy hair can easily withstand.

Hair styling usually takes longer. Dyeing long hair normally takes 2-3 hours and straightening can take up to 6 hours. Hair straightening is a more significant intervention than colouring and should only be done where you have no doubts about the hairdresser’s personality and care.

The extended time (more on this page) sacrificed not only by the hairdresser, but also by you, is evident. It’s a nice change.

High standard of hair care

It can be perceived from films, books or my own experience that women’s and girls’ hair is given great care in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, long hair is often practically the only adornment of a girl. It’s not something you have to take care of, but something you pamper, whether it’s washing, combing or if you have other resources, e.g. hair straightener or fixtures, you are not lazy to use it more often. Not all Asians have straight hair. There are just as many people with wavy hair as there are here, but the girls often iron or straighten it.

Consideration for your hair when colouring and straightening

For hair heavily weighed down by colouring or highlights, sometimes further colouring is not suitable and sometimes it is necessary to let it grow out – “heal”. Also if the color was applied less than a week ago (usually if no self-coloring or other hairdresser comes out). It happens that the customer does not respect this recommendation or requests the repair immediately, hoping that somehow it will work out. In such cases, I apologetically refuse to make the adjustment. There would be disproportionate stress or damage to the hair, with a higher risk of the colour not “catching” due to the previous colour not drying. Also, the lighter the shade, the heavier the load on the hair. That’s why we more often see damaged blonde hair compared to darker shades. Only strong and healthy hair can be straightened, otherwise straightening hair is very hard work.

Repair of hair colouring and haircuts

Fixing a broken cut is more difficult than a simple haircut. Same with paint. I perform these tasks at no extra charge(price list). It’s doubly sad when a customer comes in with uncoloured or uncut hair, because apart from the money wasted, the repairing hairdresser has more to do with it than the original one, often for less money … But even a customer like that makes me happy. I believe he’ll be back.


The instruments are disinfected and washed with drinking water after each use. Other hygiene rules are in the operating rules posted in the hairdressing salon.

Professional cosmetics

We use Matrix products.


The respectfulness and friendliness of the Asians is not an affectation. While Western countries emphasize performance and individuality, in the Far East people are more concerned with being in tune with the needs of others.

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